Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Photoshop TV Guys

Photoshop TV guys rock!!!

(l to r) Matt Kloskowski (Rockin-the-House-Ski), Scott Kelby(president) and Dave Cross (true Canadian)

They helped me through my bad times. Thanks

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Whitnery's 2006 Binnenial

May 7th, Vince and I went to Whitney Museum on a sunny day. Location is at 945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street, New York, 10021. A ticket costs 15 dollars - it worth the money.

Four floors of new artists' works display at Whitney Museum. The museum was semi crowded but I managed to find the works I wanted to see.

My favorite artists that I thought was interested:

Marilyn Minter, Strut, 2005 and Stuffed, 2003
She shows close up pictorial image of female's faces and body parts. It shows intrique details of a female with heavy makeup and a sweats on a female's stilleto. It has a exotic and sensual prespective.

Angel Strassheim, Father and son, 2004.
A family tradition passed down from father to son.

Kenneth Anger, Mouse Heaven, 2005
A 10 minute film of Disney icons of Mickey Mouse and the rest of his friends. It wasn't any exotic form but the classic clips. The Disneyana would often rotate or move in whatever way it was designed to (blinking eyes, dancing, etc.) There was a lot of layering and simple video tricks. It ended with some shiny metallic Mickeys which seemed to evoke Jeff Koons.

Kenneth's fascination of Mickey Mouse shows an adolescence ego he possessed.